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Quality is First Priority at Cedar Breaks Construction

We Make Quality Our First Priority

Deciding on a contractor is a decision that will impact every project. You trust in us to deliver a quality product in the provided time frame. Cedar Breaks Construction takes pride in utilizing the highest quality workmanship and building ongoing relationships with our customers.

Planning is Key

Regardless of size, a lot of planning and preparation goes in to every project. Pre-construction planning is critical to the quality and success of the project.

  • Consultation

  • Estimate

  • Scheduling and Permitting

Cedar Breaks Construction strives to identify your project goals and provide an estimate that fits your budget. We schedule the project and all applicalbe permits. After that it is a simple matter of providing the best quality work and staying within the schedule to provide the best customer satisfaction.

Check it Off 

Construction projects have a lot of moving parts. Our operations team works to ensure timeframes and scheduling run smoothly between subcontractors. Keeping everything and everyone running smoothly involves checklists. Work is inspected throughout the project to avoid compound mistakes. This results in Cedar Breaks Construction providing quality work at every stage of the build.

Learn more about Cedar Breaks Construction providing the highest quality work in Cedar City, UT, Duck Creek Village, UT, and all surrounding areas at

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